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Worlds – first space hotel 2025


In Today’s blog, we are going to know about Worlds – First Space Hotel 2025. Which will give a kickstart to Space Exploration to human beings.

The group “Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC)” will construct Worlds – first space hotel 2025. The Hotel will be in low Earth orbit in 2025, and believes to construct its interstellar resort may be operational as soon as the year 2027. “Orbital Assembly” the 3-year-old company plans to begin building Voyager Station within 2025.

The futuristic hotel will be named as “Voyager space station” will have the accommodation of 400 people. Along with the hotel rooms, the space hotel will also have its own bars, cinema, restaurants, libraries, concert venues, a health spa, gym and a special Earth-viewing lounges

About Voyager Space Station

The group has also said that “People can also buy one of the 20×12 metre modules for a private villa. They also said for the modules to create a hotel with spa, etc.”


The space hotel wouldn’t be in complete zero gravity and hence people won’t be able to spend a long time without getting proper training completely weightless in the space. So, the station will rotate to generate artificial gravity that which will set to be at similar level to the gravity of the moon. The hotel will cruise around planet Earth in 90 minutes.

The concept of Voyager Space was first ideated in year 2012. Then the launch of the Gateway Foundation establishes OAC in year 2018, for realization vision of an orbiting space station.

The team will build the space station with the help of NASA veterans, pilots, engineers and architects.

The space hotel will have individual pods like system which will attached to a rotating wheel. And with tubes connecting the different areas forming an X, as if the wheel’s axle. The hotel will circle the globe every 90 minutes.

Orbital Assembly has not yet revealed the details of costs to build the space hotel or the cost of spending a night in the hotel. But, the company said that the costs are will get cheaper because of the use of reusable launch vehicles like the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and the future Starship through which they could provide private space shuttles for easy travel.

Orbital Assembly is also trying to find permanent stakeholders government agencies looking to use the space as a training center.

So that’s for the day about Worlds – first space hotel 2025.

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