World record in plant saplings
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India sets new World Record by Planting 1 Million saplings in an Hour


As a part of the Green India Challenge, Telangana made a new world record by planting 1 million saplings in 1 hour. The plantation drive was carried out in Telangana’s Adilabad district on 6th July 2021. The plantation was carried on the occasion of the 58th birthday of TRS (Telugu Rashtra Samithi) leader Jogu Ramanna. So let’s talk on the world record in plant saplings by India.

The Story

The Wonder Book of Records appreciated the participants for such grand participation. Wonder book of records also recognized participant’s efforts by offering them certificates. Nearly 5 lakh saplings were planted in the ‘Miyawanki’ model in over 200 acres of declined forest.

In the year 2019, the prior record was broken by turkey by planting 3.03 lakh saplings in 1 hour. The initiative made space in Guinness Book World Records. The campaign by Turkey was named ‘Breath into the Future’. In the face of the original aim of planting 11 million, nearly 14 million saplings were adopted by the campaign.


Particularly 30,000 TRS members, locals GIC members (Green India Challenge), Telangana’s forest and environment minister Indra Karan Reddy, took part in countries mass plantation challenge. Around 2,00,000 saplings in Rural Bela Mandal area of Adilabad, 1,20,000 plants on R and B road and 1,80,000 saplings were planted in 45 houses in the urban area.


TRS leader and Rajya Sabha member Santosh Kumar Joginipally, took Twitter to share the picture of a record-breaking and mass plantation drive. Along with the tweet he also shared the picture. In the tweet, the TRS leader also pointed out that they broke Turkey’s plantation record from the year 2019.

Indra Karan Reddy said that the pandemic made everyone realize the importance of environmental protection and climate. Santosh Kumar urged everyone to take care of the saplings as well as nature and the environment.

Another TRS leader Jogu Ramanna, thanked everyone for taking an active part in Green India Challenge and he contributed 2 ambulances. Initially, the Green India Challenge campaign was launched by Santosh Kumar in the year 2017 and they have stepped into its 4th consecutive year and as part of it, crores of saplings have been planted already.

For the time being, the organizers of GIC said that the photo of the event has been taken and will be sent to the Guinness Book of World Records to spot it on the top of the list.

So that’s it about the Indian World record in plant saplings.

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