Why Ratan Tata Not Married?
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Why Ratan Tata Not Married?


The Ratan Tata story represents humbleness, immense love toward India and growth has well- familiar to every India. But Ratan Tata`s personal life has always been a private thing. While there are multiple aspects connected to his private life. He never perfectly shares his personal life and relationship. So in today’s blog, we are going to cover his life and going to answer Why Ratan Tata not married?

The Story

Ratan Tata is one of the greatest names in India which is taken with great respect and love. The 83-year old industrialist and Philanthropist Ratan Tata, not only known for his business tricks and tactics but also for his down-to-earth nature. In Ratan Tata’s presence, the Tata Group’s growth chart has climbed to the Top with development and expansion.

Why Ratan Tata not married is one of the biggest and hottest questions in our minds. But take a look at what he himself revealed the truth about his Marriage.

On Marriage

Actually, Ratan Tata himself told in one of his famous interviews that he came close to getting married 4 times. But, the fear of few things got him better due to which he took back off from the decision.

“I came close to getting married four times and each time I backed off in fear or for one reason or another”

Ratan Tata in an Interview

Ratan Tata has been fortunate to fall in love and getting married 4 times. But, the most serious and recent relationship was when he was working in the USA, Los Angeles. In the USA, he was working in and thereby he fell in love with an American girl. They both even planned to get married. But In the year 1962, Ratan Tata had to return to India because of his grandmother`s failing health and the girl was supposed to follow him to India.

Although, in the same year there was an Indo-China war going on and the girl`s parents refused to send her to India with him. And after some time girl’s parents married the same girl to another guy.

“The only reason why he didn’t get married was because of the Indo-Chinese war. The ongoing conflict was seen as a major war between the two countries. So she didn’t come and finally got married in the US thereafter.”

Ratan Tata said in an interview

So as always Ratan Tata stood with his commitment and he never married to anyone till date.

Ratan Tata is known not only for his perfect business ethics but also for his high values and humble behavior. His grandmother taught him to keep his dignity and gravity at all and every cost. These are some of the learnings from his grandmother which he has stayed with him to date.

So that’s all about Why Ratan Tata not married yet?

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