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Walt Disney – An Animation Character God


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Walt Disney was a motion-picture writer, television and cartoon movie producer, showman, entrepreneur. He is famous as a pioneer of animated cartoon films like “Mickey Mouse” and “Donald Duck”

As an early high school drop-out, Walt Disney uses to become a shy guy, self-deprecating and insecure man in private life but he adopted a warm heart and outgoing public persona life.

Today, “Disney” is one of the biggest media companies throughout the world, with an estimated net worth of nearly 130 billion US Dollars.


Disney’s worldwide popularity was based upon the ideas which his name used to represent. Walt Disney made more animation movies to touch the hearts, minds and emotions of millions of animation fans and Disney’s fans.

Walt Disney full named as “Walter Elias Disney” born on December 5 in the year 1901 and died on December 15 in the year 1966 at the age of 61 years.

Disney’s success formula is “Only by constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries. But he not stands there not just on animation but also what Disney wants to made business idea was the company able to go from a moderately successful animation studio to a complete entertainment experience with the help of other like theme parks, merchandising, cruise ships, and so far.”

In the year 2016, the Walt Disney Company generated over 40 per cent of its whole revenue by its media networks named as ESPN and through Disney Channel. This revenue stream brought the company total of 3.33 Billion Dollars which is 23.69 billion U.S. dollars, up from 20.36 billion in the year 2013.

The Walt Disney Company was started in the year 1923 by the Disney brothers. At the start, they started in the rear of a small office occupied by Holly-Vermont Realty in the Los Angeles state of US. They use that small room for the rent of a mere $10 a month. Both Disney brothers produced a series of short live-action but animated films collectively and named that “Alice Comedies”.

For the new project, he was needed a new idea to work on with. So Disney, Roy (his brother), and Iwerks shaped a new character that would become Mickey Mouse in the future. Iwerks drew Mickey Mouse character, and Disney became his voice. According to Walt Disney in an interview, the inspiration for Mickey Mouse came from an actual pet mouse which he uses to keep in his Kansas City office.

The character “Mickey Mouse”, Since his first appearance in the year 1928, Mickey Mouse has been an all-time favourite, Over the years, he has become one of the most recognizable characters through the world, and while he hasn’t been in a big feature film in years then.

Mickey Mouse became still #1 for kids and adults alike.

Then as years went, to sum up, Walt and Roy Disney, through their talents but also through a lot of hard work, sweat and tears they built a highly successful entertainment enterprise business. In which the enterprise has only grown over the 50+ years since Walt’s passing.

After Walt Disney, the business made most Highest-Grossing Animated Movies Ever like Frozen-2 which made $1.450 Billion backed by

Frozen-1 which also made $1.276 Billion, and then

“The Incredibles – 2” with a total $1.242 Billion.

“Toy Story – 4” sum of $1.073 Billion.

“Toy Story – 3” with a total of $1.066 Billion.

And not stopping there they made Disney’s best selling movie named as “The Lion King” which was also appreciated by Disney fans.

Then the company made a “Highest-grossing animated film” with “#1 animated movie of all time” which is also “All-Time Worldwide Animated Box Office” was “Frozen – 2” in the year 2019 backed by frozen and then “Lion King”


Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom motto is “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” Disneyland (in California) motto is

disney castle
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“The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Early life

As born in Chicago city in the year 1901, Walt Disney developed an early age interest in drawing. He uses to attend art classes as a boy and got a job as a commercial illustrator for animation at the age of 18 years. Then he moved to California in the early 1920s and set up the Disney Brothers Studio with his brother Roy Disney.

With Iwerks, Walt developed the character Mickey Mouse in the year 1928, which was his first highly popular success story. In which he provided the voice for his character in the early years.

As the studio grew, Disney made more adventurous, introducing synchronized sound, full-color three-strip Technicolor, feature-length cartoons and technical developments in cameras.

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The results, seen in future such movies like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (In the year 1937), then “Pinocchio” as well as “Fantasia” (both movies in the year 1940), and funniest movie “Dumbo” (In the year 1941), and lastly “Bambi” (In the year 1942), by doing further development in an animated film. New animated and live-action films were followed after great World War II, which includes the critically successful story of the queen “Cinderella” (In the year 1950) and the movie “Mary Poppins” (In the year 1964), and the latter of which he received five Academy Awards for such movies.

In the year 1965, he began his development of another theme park which was “Disney World”, the heart of which he was to made a new type of city which is also known as “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” (EPCOT).

As the age of Walt Disney failing down he use to become a heavy smoker throughout his life and died due to lung cancer in the December of 1966 before either the park or the EPCOT project was completed.

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Following Walt Disney’s death, Roy O. Disney took over as chairman, CEO, and president for the company. One of his first acts was to rename Disney World as “Walt Disney World” in honor of his brother and his vision.

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