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Us added India to currency manipulator watchlist again in 2020.


In this blog, we are going to know all about why the US adds India to currency manipulator list? How does India stand in the list?
The Trump administration added India to a watchlist of countries where all the developed countries involved. This is 2nd time where us adds Indian country in the currency manipulator watchlist. The 1st time was in the year 2018 where they add us but in the year 2019, they remove us from the watchlist. And then now they added us in the year 2020
The US added India in currency manipulator countries watchlist of being monitored for currency manipulation, suspecting it of taking measures to devalue its currency against the value of the dollar. This will becomes after an increase in the purchase of foreign currency as a portfolio flows surgery which was done recently by RBI the RBI.
The monitoring list consists of china, japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and India
The US treasury or the trump administration mainly uses below three benchmarks to judge any currency manipulator country.

  • A bilateral trade surplus with the US of more than 20 billion
  • A currency account surplus of at least 3% of GDP
  • Net purchase of foreign currency of 2% of GDP over a 12 month period
    India comes/passes in the 1st and 3rd benchmark. And the countries currency account surplus remained below the threshold level.
    This above information is given by the Bloomberg quint you can check it by
    Clicking the link here.
    This is all about the US adds India to currency manipulator list.
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