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The self-Reliant Defense system of India


India’s war against COVID-19 has brought us to develop a laser focus on self-reliant India i.e. “Atmanirbhar Bharat” especially in the manufacturing sector and it brought us to the Self-Reliant Defense system of India. In manufacturing, wherein back we use to import, now we are making those in our hometown.

India on Covid:-

Due to pandemic and national Lockdown and even after the great fall in economy GDP at -23, we stand strong and made it stronger +0.4. The above GDP number is higher than in all G7 countries. And we also stand in the list of positive GDP countries with only two countries behind i.e. China and Turkey. We also manage to innovate and show our strength and power in various fields and to various countries. In a covid pandemic, we manage to rise and help to raise other ones by helping. We have help them in the form of Vaccines to 15 countries and another 25 nations are in the queue.

Indian Defense System:-

 The same happens with the defence system of our country wherein in the past we used to depend on the Russian government and technology. The live example is “Rafael”. But the situation has changed and India is evolved. 

The defence budget of 2021-22 will be special as the majority of its share will be going to use to buy a variety of hardware in military equipment, from tanks to missile and to ranging from fighter jets to combat helicopters. And it is allocated that two-third of the Indian Military budget will be used for “Domestic\Indigenous procurement


The same situation was not in past years. No private company was allowed to operate National defence-related businesses in the country before the year 2001. Under the Vajpayee government this was changed for reducing dependency on Russian military equipment.

Last year, the ministry had spent over ₹51,000 crores, i.e. 58% of the capital budget, on domestic purchases within India. Last month Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was awarded are received a contract of ₹48,000-crore for 83 LCA Mk-1A jets. This is the biggest indigenous defence procurement deal so far in Indian history.

Indian Air Force will receive the first Mk-1A aircraft within three years period. And the rest will supplied by the year 2030. The deal involves the supply of 73 Mk-1A fighter jets and 10 LCA Mk-1 trainer aircraft.

Foreign Import

The dependency on foreign imported equipment is a major issue in front of the Indian army and the Indian government. Because it leaks the money and increases cash flow into foreign countries. The same can be easily invested in India. The dedication of the Indian Government toward theMAKE IN INDIAand “ATMANIRBHAR  BHARAT” campaign has a major boost for the local defence companies in the country. It also will bring foreign investment in terms of partnership with the established firms.

So this is all about the Self-Reliant Defense system of India. We have struggled from nothing to everything in producing an indigenous defence system.

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