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Sonu Sood on Spicejet


The dedication and contribution of Sonu Sood to rescue of trapped Students, workers and migrants around the country and around the globe is immense. Hence Spice Jet airline recently dedicate special livery domestic aircraft in the name of Sonu Sood. So in this blog, we are going to see a Sonu Sood on Spicejet.

The story

As we all know, the amount of help in the national lockdown made by TV actor Sonu Sood is immeasurable. Sonu Sood was “The Real Savior” of trapped Students, workers and migrants around the country and around the globe also.

So seeing the efforts, Spice Jet has dedicated special aircraft attire to honour TV actor and “REAL-LIFE SUPERHERO” Sonu Sood for his “UNMATCHED CONTRIBUTION AND EFFORTS” at serving millions of trapped Indians to reach their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the last year 2020.

The airline unveiled a special livery (a special uniform worn by a servant, an official, or a member of a City Company) image of the actor Sonu Sood wrapped on its Boeing 737 aircraft. As you can see below Sonu Sood on Spicejet.

Sonu Sood’s journey


After the National lockdown was imposed in the year 2020 amid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Spice Jet and TV Actor Sonu Sood teamed up to send home thousands of trapped Indians including over 1,500 Indian students who were trapped in Kyrgyzstan, hundreds of Indian nationals stuck in Russia, Uzbekistan, Manila, Almaty and among other countries.

Sonu Sood featured on Spicejet for helping migrants to reach their home during national lockdown.

Spice Jet CMD Ajay Singh expressed pride on the behalf of the company’s association with Sonu Sood. They have called the special livery a “Tribute For Sonu Sood’s Selfless Efforts And To Thank Him For The Outstanding And Excellent Work That He Has Done To Help Millions During This Pandemic.”

The response of Sonu Sood

In response to the gesture, Sood Sood acknowledged Spice Jet’s non-stop operation during the lockdown. “I am thankful to Spice Jet for their determined and precious support that helped reunite thousands of trapped Indians with their families,” he said.

Various Campaigns of Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood has worked to help the deprived since the lockdown was imposed in March 2020. Among Sonu Sood’s efforts, the “Ghar Bhejo campaign” to send migrants home and bring back stuck Indian students. Sonu Sood stood out as he and his team arranged transportation for these groups even with local transportation was closed.

Besides facilitating transportation for thousands of Indians to go back home, Sonu Sood also launched an app. The app is called “Pravasi Rojgar” (now known as Good Worker). The app’s aim to help returned migrants find work in their home states. Sonu Sood’s Job gateway was helpful to skill and unskilled workers to find their jobs.

Sonu Sood also started a successful food and ration Campaign called ‘Shakti Annadanam’. The campaign was providing daily meals to more than one lakh migrant workers and homeless laborers in Mumbai every week.

Spice Jet’s role with Sonu Sood

As per the capacity, Spice Jet bring home 2.5 lakh Indian and foreign nationals stuck in more than 1,500 special flights. The airline also operated around 16,000 cargo flights carrying more than 133,500 tones of essential supplies and payload since March 25, 2020.

Sonu Sood also becomes the first Indian actor to make it to the livery of a domestic airline.

So that’s all about Sonu Sood on Spicejet.

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