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Ratan Tata requests people to stop the campaign for Bharat Ratna to him.


On 06th Feb, Ratan Tata Requests to People of Social Media to Stop Campaign For Bharat Ratna To Him. In this blog, we are going to know about Ratan tata On Bharat Ratna.

On Friday 5th of February 2021 he was uploaded a video regarding Ratan Tata.  Dr Vivek Bindra who is the Business Entrepreneur and founder of Bada Business. Who was also Awarded as “Best Leadership Trainer in Asia” by World HRD Congress. Dr Vivek Bindra also recognized as a Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant and Business Coach. Dr. Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel.

In the Youtube Video Vivek Bindra first gave information of Ratan Tata sir about “Why he not get Married?  Ratan Tata’s love regarding mother India.” And as the love of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s was being fulfilled and he become more emotional, he urge to his Subscribers \ followers on youtube to trend tweet Twitter hashtags with #BharatRatnaForRatanTata #RequestByDrVivekBindra.

At the end of his video Dr. Vivek Bindra also said that if subscribers tweet from those hashtags got above 100 retweets, 100 likes he will provide his worth Rs.35,000/- course of “Everything about Leadership” Free. This sentence shown Vivek Bindra’s Love about Sir Ratan Tata.


The love and respect regarding Ratan Tata also proves at the start of video. Where Dr. Vivek Bindra said that “In the full video I will call Ratan Tata with ‘Sir.’” Because Vivek Bindra heartily believes and respects him.

Through this Dr Vivek Bindra taken an initiative to urge Government of India for giving Ratan Tata the Highest Civilian award of India i.e. “Bharat Ratna” with a trending Twitter hashtag #BharatRatnaForRatanTata.

But as the most grounded Person Ratan Tata on Saturday posted a message through the Instagram post with saying that “I consider myself fortunate to be Indian. and i try and contribute to India’s growth and prosperity.”

Expressing that he sees himself as lucky to be an Indian and was glad to add to the development and thriving of the country, veteran Ratan Tata on February 6 mentioned individuals to abstain from requesting the Bharat Ratna for him.

The Chairman Emeritus of the more than $100 billion combination Tata Group asked online media clients to stop the mission that requested that the public authority give on him the most noteworthy regular citizen grant of the country.

“While I appreciate the slants communicated by a part of the web-based media as far as an honor, I might unassumingly want to demand that such missions be suspended,” Mr. Goodbye said in a tweet. He was responding to different clients on Twitter commending him for his commitments, particularly in moving the adolescent with #BharatRatnaForRatanTata moving.

“All things being equal, I view myself as blessed to be an Indian and to attempt to add to India’s development and thriving,” he added. One client, while requesting that others join the mission #BharatRatnaForRatanTata, said Mr. Goodbye has been rousing youthful achievers, revealing to them that having confidence in one’s capacity is fundamental to make progress throughout everyday life. Another client portrayed him as the “Genuine Hero of India” and said he “truly merits the Bharat Ratna Award”.

Reacting to his tweet, followers showered him adulates further. “Also, this is the reason you are consistently unique to us sir,” one follower reacted to his tweet. Another helped the commitments to remember the Tata Group for the country and said it would stay “unequaled and unrivaled”.

In the wake of resigning as Chairman of Tata Sons in 2012, Mr. Goodbye has been dynamic in putting resources into individual limit in new businesses and empowering youthful business people.

So that’s all about Ratan tata On Bharat Ratna.

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