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PM Modi on Privatization


In Today’s blog, we are going to know PM Modi on Privatization. How PM thinks about the youth of India? And how he is doing the same?

As we all know whole world is turning toward Privatization. The best example is US’s government Space agency NASA. NASA besides having a government agency, they had given a chance to SpaceX which is a Private Company led by Elon Musk. Then SpaceX have shown the potential of the Private sectors and the youths.

The same mindset has begun to build in the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi after seeing the potential, perseverance, growth and hardwork within the youth of country. He also knows that India is the youngest country in the world and have the largest youths on the planet. As a great leader PM Narendra Modiji knows how to properly use the youth of country.

He stands strongly behind the entrepreneurs and Business persons of India. Hence he made a strong pitch in Lok Sabha on 11th Feb 2021 that

“Private Sector has a big role in Indian Economy”.


He also said that

“We must trust our Entrepreneurs”.

He believes that “Cursing and abusing our wealth creators is not good”.

Behind that, he also talks about the current scenario and taken a note and ask everyone for

“What will we achieve by handing over the country to IAS babus”. Also, he stands behind Youth of India and advised to all “Trust the Youth”.

As Narendra Modi has ruled Indian Prime Minister Seat he knows that “Using improper words against the Private Sector (may) have got votes by few peoples in the past, but the time passes.”

He warns others that “The culture of Abusing the Private Sector is not acceptable any longer. We cannot keep insulting our youths like this.”

The Indian economy has a tremendous U shaped growth in recent due to such reforms. The economy which used to rise by 3 to 4% in GDP had steadily risen from 7 to 9 percent after the introduction of reforms of Privatization.

Advantages of Privatization

Nowadays privatization is being seen as a solution towards the problems of public sectors Because these enterprises on being transferred from the public to the private hands will become less politicized which as a result will help in decreasing the corruption in country.

This Privatization will also help in increasing the tax revenues from profits. We also say that this will strengthen the public treasury. 

Privatization will also give and polish the creative and innovative thinking space within the youth. This reform can also use as systematic and strategic planning to release the potential of the economy.

From such words we conclude that Shri Narendra Modi has immense trust on the youth that he is ready to fight in Lok Sabha. This is the reason why he is encouraging more Entrepreneurs and Businessmen’s in India across the world and inside the country as well.

Shri Narendra Modi wants the same growth, same rise in India as world is witnessing and hence is doing all the possible things handed to the powerful youths of India.

So that’s it about PM Modi on Privatization

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