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New It Rules by Government of India Made Simple: What You Need to Know


Under the new IT rules by Government of India, the platform must process official requests. An official request for content removal within 36 hours. Facebook and Google to comply with India’s new social rules, Twitter is pushing back. So in today’s blog, we are going to talk about the New IT rules by Government of India.

The story

The talk between Social Media companies and the Government of India is being complicated. While the government claims that its only asking Twitter the adhere with the law of the land, Twitter maintains that the new IT rules are a threat to freedom of speech.

Failing to do so could expose local employees the social media companies to legal consequences, including arrest and up to seven years imprisonment

“We aim to comply” a Facebook spokesperson said to Vice world news. Google whhich owns youtube said in a statement to Indian press that it aimed to comply with the new rules citing a “long history” of managing content according to changes in local laws.


On Thursday, Twitter’s Public Policy team tweeted that the company was deeply committed to the people of India and it planned to push back on the new rules which could rein in free speech online.

The facebook owned messaging app Whatsapp which has 400 million users in India has sued the Indian government over the new rules.

The new rules affect all social media companies with more than 5 million users. They also require the platform to hand over user information to law enforcement agencies within 72 hours of a government request. To comply, companies must also appoint compliance officers who live in India

Facebook and YouTube said they would comply with strict new rules in India Government. They require promptly reviewing and removing posts and videos at the government’s request. They require that critics said to threaten the privacy and free speech of social media users.

Main Reason

Let’s look at the main reason the Indian government asks “Social Media Firms” to respond quickly in compliance with new IT rules.

  1. Appoint Indian officers for compliance liaison and grievance handling.
  2. Social media intermediaries should monitor content with “Objectionable terms”
  3. Break encryption and find other technical solutions to ensure the “Right to Privacy” to its citizens as well to maintain national security
  4. Government needs much quicker responses to content complaints that are raised, something that hasn’t always happened till now.
  5. Facebook and Twitter need to pull down unlawful content within 36 hours of being flagged.

The tightening internet regulation comes as the Indian government increasingly seeks to shut down criticism, including critiques of its handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

In terms of the number of users, India is the biggest market for both Facebook and YouTube and the third-biggest for Twitter.

While some think tanks said the new rules were “well-intended” and brought clarity to the responsibility of social media companies as a platform, critics argue that they are undemocratic and could negatively impact the way Indians use the internet.

If the American companies don’t comply with the new rules, they risk losing legal status as an intermediary, which protects their employees from being prosecuted for posts made by users on their websites.

So that’s all for today about new IT rule by Government of India

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