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The most followed world leader on Twitter is Indian PM now.


As of 30th July 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has more than 70 million followers on Twitter. This has made our PM Modi one of the most followed and most active leaders across the globe. So in today’s blog, we are going to see how PM Modi has reached the top position in the chart in the Most followed world leader on Twitter.

The Story

The Prime Minister joined Twitter back in 2009 during his stint as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. In July 2020, the Prime Minister’s followers reaches 60 million. And the whopping 10 Million followers of PM Modi have risen in 1 year.

Union Home Minister of India Amit Shah currently has over 26.3 million on Twitter, while National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has 19.4 million followers on Twitter.

In the list of leaders to be followed on Twitter, Modi has reached the 1st position, beating US Ex-President Donald Trump. Earlier Donald Trump’s name had topped the list as he was followed by 80 million people on Twitter as far as 5th May 2020. But due to controversy the account of Donald Trump on Twitter has been (banned) closed.


Not only this, between August and October of 2020 (between pandemics), PM Narendra Modi has already topped the trending charts with Twitter, YouTube, and Google search. The reason was the era of the Corona pandemic; and now once again his popularity is increasing worldwide.

After the Prime Minister, Pope Francis has the second-highest number of followers on Twitter at 53 million.

So that’s all about the Most followed world leader on Twitter.

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