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Larry Page – Co-founder of Google


Lawrence Edward Page also shortly known as Larry Page. Larry Page is an American software engineer and Internet entrepreneur and in short, is the Co-founder of Google Inc. with the help of his Friend named as “Sergey Brian”. We will go to discuss Larry Page Net Worth in this blog post.

The idea of creating the Google as a web server, it more helps larry Page to built a large amount of wealth in his life. As on the year 2020 Larry Pages Net worth is 7,360 crores USD which also means 67$ Billion (2020)

As on the 2020 Larry Page is 47 years old and the birth date is 26 March 1973. His nationality is an American and born in Michigan state of United States. He had born on the year of 1973, March 26.

Larry Page founded Google with Sergey Brian in the year 1998.


Larry Page was the CEO (chief executive officer) of Google Inc. from the year of 1997 until August 2001. Then he steps down in favour of “Eric Schmidt” after from April 2011 until July 2015. Then he moved to become the CEO of “Alphabet Inc”. “Alphabet” is a parent company of Google which is created to deliver “major advancements”. This CEO post of Alphabet Inc. which he used to held until December 4, 2019. After the post, he always remains an Alphabet board member, employee, and controlling shareholder after that.

In the year 2019, Forbes Magazine placed him on the 10th list of “Billionaires 2019,” and as of the July 2020, Larry Page was the 13th-richest person in the world with the net worth of total $69.4 billion, according to Forbes Magazine.

Page is an investor in at “Tesla Motors”. He is fond of renewable energy and resources so he invested in renewable energy technology, and with the help of He is also a strategic backer in the startup of Opener which is the developing aerial vehicles for consumer travel.

Larry Page also helped to set up Singularity University, a Trans-humanist think-tank. Google is one of the institution’s corporate founders and still funds scholarships at Singularity University in United States.

Page is the co-creator and namesake of “PageRank”, which is a search ranking algorithm for Google Page who helps pages to rank on google. And for this Larry Page received the Marconi Prize in the year 2004 with co-writer Sergey Brian. The origin of Google is a story about the origin of an idea, and that idea was larry Page’s vision. Hence that World Wide Web search engine (Google) could rank links based on how often they were being linked by other pages or each other. With the help of Sergey Brian’s, the idea turned into “PageRank”, which is the foundational algorithm of Google Search

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