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Jeff Bezos becomes the 1st $200 billion man on the planet


Jeff Bezos is the best example of “Winners take all the Effects” (As I share the full story of this slogan in my recent blog, if you haven’t check go check out) cause in this pandemic situation he successfully made first-ever $200 Billion in history of the world. jeff bezos net worth in billion becomes $200 Billion.

As on the 27th October 2020, an E-commerce giant Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos crosses the line of $200 Billion. This e-commerce giant company founder made first-ever total $200 billion in the history of the planet.

Jeff Bezos’ personal wealth rose to its current staggering level as the price of stock his e-commerce giant company hit a high record of $3,438 per share.

This is not done eventually or by any sort of magic in this period. Because Jeff Bezos made Amazon successfully “The marketplace of your choice” as his efforts.  Whether you are customer or seller amazon is the best place. Amazon platform is able to give you all facility that you want.


In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, many individuals and peoples use to go for the online transaction. Some are experiencing first-time e-commerce facilities. As on the e-commerce giant Amazon got the kick to expand more in this situation.

This hard work and persistence made him a successful businessman since 2017. And from the year 2017, he sticks to that 1st place in the list of a billionaire. As on Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index, he stands on the first place along with Bill gates who is the founder of Microsoft.

The fun thing is that bill gates stands on the second place of top 10 billionaires he has a total of half net worth of Jeff Bezos.

Even Bill gates stand for 2nd place he needs 2 Bill gates to cross Jeff Bezos.

That’s how the spirit of Jeff Bezos is. And I think for approximate next 5-10 years Jeff Bezos can stick to that top place.

Somehow this situation boosts Jeff Bezos’s income to this level that he stands today. And jeff bezos net worth in billion becomes $200 billion dollars company/networtk.

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