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Is Motivation A Skill


Are you ever asked yourself that, Is motivation a skill? And can you get an answer. Hence I am here for giving you that. So let’s begin the topic of Is motivation is skill?

The simple answer to the above question is “NO”.

Cause Motivation is only a state of mind. Here our minds use to influence by some kind of motivational videos, motivational podcasts and motivational quotes as I work for.

I think

“Skill doesn’t lie in actual life”.


Because we won’t come to this world with a birth-born skill in the mother’s womb. We learn and develop a sort of skill on a day to day basis.

And I think skill is nothing but a continuous process of what you love doing and you are doing. At some time of doing the process, you are going to touch the feet of

Skill last for a long period of time. But motivation lasts for a short time i.e. only for 4-5 days or even last for a week, but not longer anymore.

But it not means that Motivation is not worthy. If we see through Business Level It has its own importance. Let start differentiate them.

On a Personal Life

  • On a personal level motivation can only use to motivate ourselves or our surrounding.

On a personal level or day to day life, you can also make other motivated, but the difference is that you can’t charge from them. And even they can’t pay for you.

On a Business Life

On a business, level motivation can use in many ways. If you made advancement in Motivational speech, Podcast you can earn millions of dollars.

You can also become a book author, writer or publisher.

You can also become a motivational speaker for eg. Gary Vaynerchuk, Jay Shetty, etc.,

You can also charge for life-changing one on one talk (Motivational).

You can also start your coaching for life-changing lessons. You can also take or conduct live sessions and earn from through.

If you become a motivational speaker many brands can approach you for their product sale. For instance, if you don’t want to sell another product you can also launch your product, and can sell. The product may be a physical product or any sort of online product it may differ to you.

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