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India to share Cowin portal’s Progress story with 20 other countries in the globe


Recently Union ministries of health, External Affairs, and the National Health Authority of India have decided to share the development story of the Co-WIN portal with more than 20 countries. The countries are UAE, Mexico, Ukraine, and others. On the other hand, Indian’s are still complaining about the delayed OTP from the platform. So in today’s blog, we are going to know how the Cowin portal has come so far and what’s would be next.

The story

The digital platform that helped launch and implements the largest nationwide covid-19 vaccination program in the country is ready to work for others. The countries are who have shown interest in adopting the portal to run their own inoculation drives in their own country.

About Portal Sharing

On June 30 a virtual Co-Win Global Conclave will be organized by the joint initiative of Union ministries of health, External Affairs, and the National Health Authority in which will see participation from health & technology expert’s countries across the globe. Countries include such as Peru, Vietnam, Mexico, Iraq, the Domination Republic, Panama, Ukraine, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates and Uganda, and so on.

With the help of India’s experience with the vaccination program, some other countries may pick up a tip make their own system. In other countries too there is a huge demand for Covid – 19 vaccinations.

“Several countries have interest in the Co-Win platform, as India is being used to run the world’s largest vaccination drive.”

Chairman of the Empowered Group on Vaccine Administration Dr. R S Sharma and CEO of the National Health Authority, said that

Cowin Portal India


On January 16, the vaccination program was launched for healthcare workers and frontline workers vaccinated in the first phase. Vaccination was opened for citizens aged 60 years and above and 45 years and above with co-morbidities.

The online self – registration and appointment system was launched with a larger audience for the first time. Changes will be added in the vaccinator modules to accommodate larger crowds, the differentiation based on age & capabilities of data reporting and analysis were also added. The third phase was the most challenging phase of the development said by the sources.

Online registration became a necessity after opened vaccination to all the citizens above the age of 18 years for managing demand at the vaccinate centers. And is more important to handle nearly 100 crore visitors on the portal, significant developments were undertaken for capacity building to make the back-end of the system robust.

There are multiple changes in policy and developments after Co-WIN was operationalized on January 16. After the launch of its third version, there is already a 20 crore registration by early May. It seems to be the fastest tech platform.

In the county, Co- WIN had witnessed 31,06,84,896 registration and over 28.33 crores Covid vaccine at the time of writing the story.

On Twitter, the news has gone viral with feeling proud of India & there are also some who are still complaining about the app’s irregular functioning. Let’s cross the fingers and hope for best if not Indian’s, other citizens could benefit from it.

So that’s all about Cowin Portal and its success. If you like the post, make sure to share it with your friends and take care of yourself and your family.

We will catch you in the next one.

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