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How Jio Born?


In today’s blog, we are going to know about How Mukesh Ambani got the idea of JIO? And how did jio start?

Born of JIO:-

Back in 2011, Mukesh Ambani’s daughter, Isha was a student at Yale University, USA. She had returned to India during the holidays to enjoy and spend time with her family in India.

One day she wanted to submit her coursework but she was having difficulty in submitting the project due to the Internet. She told his father (Mukesh Ambani) that “Dad, the internet in our house sucks”.

Beside Isha’s her twin-brother Akash also stated to Mukesh Ambani that “In your time (generation), telecom was only voice and people made money on calls, but in our generation everything is Digital.”


Isha and Akash both convinced Mukesh Ambani by saying that

“DATA is the new OIL”

By Mukesh Ambani

and the internet is the new Future.

At that time, Mukesh Ambani and his company also wanted to step in into Indian Telecom Market. After the conversation with both, the convinced Mukesh Ambani started working in the project. Then he discovers that India was suffering from poor connectivity and severe scarcity in data due to price which was unaffordable. Through the Business perspective and mindset, he saw rising OPPORTUNITY in the Indian Telecom market.

And after all hard work and perseverance in 5th September 2016, finally JIO was ready to use by the peoples of India.

But standing in the new market was not easy at all, and the chances are high loss along with some grand leaders like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. But Mukesh Ambani set a grand launch of JIO, in which Mukesh Ambani announced free data and calls for the initial months.

After JIO:-

On hearing this, consumers all over the India started buying and lining up to get JIO sim cards. Thus JIO started gaining Telecom Market in his favor. The gaining arrow of JIO subscribers was so speedy that even today JIO has secure maximum number of subscribers backed by Airtel. As per the launch of initial 4G network and upcoming 5G network in India it seems, in Future JIO will capital all the Indian Telecom Market.

Back to today, JIO has the largest telecom brand in India with large number of subscribers in it. JIO has expanded its data offerings and fledged the new digital company.

JIO has successfully revolutionized the Indian digital revolution. He is the only reason behind booming all the digital influencers, popular YouTube creators and all other digital creators around the country. He has build India from the costliest data country to the cheapest data in the world.

Thus, JIO was born with Love in INDIA. and how did JIO start?

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