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Highest Sensex ever in the history


Let’s look at the journey of the Sensex because today it crosses 50,000 points in intraday trade for the 1st time in history which is highest SENSEX ever.


Sensex launches in 1986, S&P BSE SENSEX was launched. It was 1st equity index in the country. At the start Equity Index was launched in the base price for base year 1978/79. The base price was back then Rs. 100.

Then as per the trade was going, in the year 1990 means after 12 years the Sensex equity index crosses 4 digit figure in price i.e. 1,000/-. Due to the good monsoon and excellent corporate results this price crosses 4 digit figure 1st time back then.

Harshad Mehta Scam

As all we know, as per the “Scam 1992”, the biggest scam of India means Harshad Mehta Scam takes place. The BSE falls by 12.77% which was the big crisis back then.


After the settlement of the market in the year 2006, Indian equity index took rise in the points. Due to the commodity boom in the global market Indian equity index means (BSE SENSEX) crosses 10.000/- mark for 1st time.

Then after within a short period of time, on the next year in 2007 Indian equity index cross another 20,000/- point mark. Due to the global cash flow and liquidity in the Indian market Sensex cross 20,000/- points mark back then.

Then some bad shadows came and BSE down by 1,308 points in the intraday trading. Bse falls down to 17,605 points. This was 21 January 2008, when India was witnessed biggest erosion in the investor’s wealth.

Then after in 2015, BSE again crosses the mark of 30,000 mark. This achievement comes under after Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cut policy repo rate for 1st time.
Then under the Modi government, in November 2016 Demonetisation comes and the economy crashes. At the time of demonetization, the Sensex crashes by 1689 points. This big fall was unexpected.


Then in the last year, as we all know due to the crisis of COVID-19 all sudden worlds’ economy sets to ground. In March 2020, Sensex down to ground by nearly 3935 points which were 13.15% of the total. This happens due to the nationwide lockdown to control and stop the spread of Covid-19 by the government.

After the covid vaccine found, sudden all the businesses start to pick up and started their full time. The Post-covid situation of Sensex is better than Pre-covid situation. Nature gives us a big stop of life and for preparing for the best.

After the Covid-19 situation, Sensex, BSE and all the stock market witnessed more profit than losses worldwide. Sensex also witnessed a rise of 13% pre-covid rise. Then from 01 st February 2020 to 01 January 2021 the Sensex saw the potential rise to 24%.

So that’s all about Highest Sensex ever in history.

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