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Greatest Tennis Player – Rafael Nadal


Let’s put the rumors aside and know about Is he is really the best player than Djokovic? really he is the worlds 2nd best tennis player? Let’s check the biography of Rafael Nadal and Let’s jump into it.

Nadal’s full name is “Rafael Nadal Parera” and in his hometown which is Spain he is also called as “Rafa” and“King of Clay”.  Rafael Nadal was born on 03 June in the year 1986 in Manacor, Spain. Rafael Nadal is a famous Spanish professional tennis player. He is also currently ranked world No. 2nd player in men’s singles tennis after the great Rodger Federer. We will going to see about net worth of Rafael Nadal in this article so don’t miss it.

Spain’s famous tennis personality Rafael Nadal having an impressive net worth. His net worth is having total of $200 million Dollar Net Worth. The certain publication reported that he any given year, he earns around $40 million yearly  from his tournament winnings, some of appearance fees, and through some endorsements.

Rafael Nadal popularly called the greatest single-surface expert that tennis has ever seen and played. He is also an overall one of the greatest tennis player. He got total 20 Grand Slams to his name in the tennis game and open’s. Rafael Nadal is the second only after Roger Federer in the list of “All-time Slam leaders” in tennis.


But you must be shocked for why Nadal is the most successful tennis player ever in men’s single? Because he has already won staggering 11 French Open titles in his life, which ultimately makes him so.

Nadal was born in Manacor of Spain, and he has lived there ever since. He was coached by his uncle named as Toni since the age of 3 years which makes him stand today. His uncle Toni was a tennis professional at his young age. And another Nadal’s uncle Miguel Angel Nadal was played professional football, and he even represented FC Barcelona Club.

Nadal genetically came from a sporting family, and he has athleticism in his genes. Rafael Nadal is Right-hand player but it was Toni Nadal who advised him to charge to play from his left-hand, as he believed that he would give him an inherent advantage on playing on the court.

But that’s not all for his success because his uncle Toni’s method of punishing training has helped him for making him such a disciplined and focused tennis player ever seen.

Rafael Nadal has also crafted a historic rivalry with his another tennis player named Novak Djokovic. They two have played each other on numerous times. The Nadal vs Djokovic rivalry is best remembered in history. The most remarkable rivalry was in the 2012 Australian Open final match where this match lasts for nearly 6 hours. And their 2018 Wimbledon semifinal match is also another match which is widely considered as one of the greatest matches of all time played by both legends.

While he started his arch-rivalry with another god tennis player with Rodger Federer, he regularly defeated this Swiss ace on all the surfaces. Because Rafael Nadal has developed himself over the years into an all-court great in his own way.

Nadal’s ability to fight till his last breath is which make him such an idolization in tennis sport. Despite being pockmarked against the two legendary shot-makers in the world like Rodger Federer and Djokovic. Rafael Nadal has fought for his every point in the match and sometimes he fought some matches on such level were like his life depended on it. Such gameplay and love about the game made him turn the tables on them.

Here we can also say that Rafael Nadal is also a rising and best example of how to overcome adversity and physical limitations throughout the body. During his gameplay’s he has suffered numerous injuries throughout his career and the worst part of that pain are knee injury which was chronic to him – but he fought them all off with grit and his determination, passion and love toward the game. He uses to prove wrong to all those who doubted him longevity; despite being a physically demanding playing style, even after passing the age of 30 he still ruling the game.

Here is all about Biography about Rafael Nadal and I give all the question’s answer in the blog of he is really the best player than Djokovic? really he is the worlds 2nd best tennis player? Let’s check the biography of Rafael Nadal

“I learned during all my career to enjoy suffering.”

–              Rafael Nadal.

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