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Famous Inmate Of Kalapani – Swatantryaveer Savarkar


Famous Inmate Of KalapaniSwatantryaveer Sawarkar And Son Of Mother India And who is known for Freedom Fighters, hardcore Nationalist, Philosopher, Writer, Poet, Excellent orator, National Leader

Famous Inmate Of Kalapani - Swatantryaveer Sawarkar was 1 st to lose their barrister degree due to their action Against the government.


Born in 28th May 1883 in Bhagur Village near Nashik, Maharashtra and died in 26th Feb. 1966 at the age 82 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Vinayak Damodar Sawarkar was a legendary freedom fighter, poet and freedom fighter who called 1857s revolt as a 1st independent war and wrote a book on it. They become a Freedom Fighter at the Age of 11 and they wrote many poems on freedom struggle at an early age and studied law in London with supporting freedom struggle there for which he was sent back in 1910, British Government sent them in cellular jail for two life sentences i.e, 54 years. And in the response, they replied with “British Raj gave me another life with two life sentences”. They were a leading figure in “Hindu Mahasabha” in India.

Famous Inmate Of Kalapani - Swatantryaveer Sawarkar is statued at Andaman Nikobar Island.


He was writer he writes many poems regarding freedom and independence of India and He also write poems on the walls of Cellular Jail in “Andaman Nikobar” island. That was a Stimulus for every Indian and it gives every one Goosebumps. The poems on the walls are still archive by the Indian Government.  He also fought for “Hindi Hindu and Hindustan”. he was kept for more than 27years in the prison and no other Indian Freedom Fighter imprisoned for so long.  he is also known as ‘Swatantryaveer Savarkar’ for their work. and also known as Famous Inmate Of Kalapani – Swatantryaveer Sawarkar.


Some Facts About Swatantryaveer Savarkar :-

  1. They were the 1st Indian to start freedom struggle against Colonial Rule in London.
  2. he was 1st Indian to give “Swadeshi” Activity marched in 1906, i.e, Adopting indigenous products and burnt many British Goods.
  3. They were the 1st to lose their Barrister Degree due to his actions against the government.
  4. He was 1st Indian to declare 1857 war as an Independence war, not riot and wrote a book in 1907 named “The Indian War Of Independence”.
  5. Veer Savarkar is the only author at that time whose book being banned, before it’s official launch by British Government.
  6. He was 1st Indian Political leader who made an untouchable, a temple priest. They stand against Untouchability.
  7. Savarkar world’s 1st politician whose case taken to International Court.
  8. He was Indian Freedom Fighter who made an Indian Flag Hoisted by Bhikaji Kama in International Socialist Congress in Germany.
  9. Savarkar was only responsible for the inclusion of “Dharma Chakra” in our Countries flag.
  10. They were the one and only one freedom fighter, writer, a poet who wrote many poems without any pen or paper only with stone in Cellular Jail Andaman Nikobar Island.

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Famous Inmate Of Kalapani - Swatantryaveer Sawarkar was  a leading figure in Hindu Mahasabha in india.

In a speech, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee beautifully describes them as:-

” Savarkar mane Tej

Savarkar mane Tyaag

Savarkar mane Tap

Savarkar mane Tatva

Savarkar mane Tark

Savarkar mane Tarunya

Savarkar mane Teer

Savarkar mane Talwar

Savarkar mane Tilmilahat

Some Sentences From their poems:-

हे अधम रक्त रंजिते। सुजनपुजितेश्रीस्वतंत्रते

तुजसाठिं मरण तें जनन



स्वतंत्रते भगवतीIत्वामहं  यशोयुतांवंदे।।

The meaning in Marathi is “You are the destroyer of evil (stained with their blood), O Goddess of Freedom Life is to die for you, But Death is to live without you“.

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