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How Nick Vujicic become a swimmer and skydiver without hands and legs? Is this possible for you to live a life without hands and legs? Here is the Biography Of Nick Vujicic.

Nick Vujicic is 33 years old American born with physical disabilities but never stop thinking ability makes him different from the world. Even without arms or legs, he is a writer, motivational speaker, painter, swimmer and skydiver. Nick never let anyone affect him due to his physical disabilities. And besides this, he is living a happy life with his 4 children’s and his wife. And this is the Nick Vujicic Life Story Of A Legend With No Limbs (without Arm and leg)

So let’s start the story

Due to no limbs (hands and legs) he worked very hard on himself and improve skills and it helps him became fully capable and stands fearless. Nick Vujicic decided to become vocal about living life with disabilities and finding hope and meaning in life to inspire others.

But still, may you wonder without limbs how this is possible to do all these things? And the simple answer is that Nick Vujicic uses his single foot to pick things, write with a pen and type between his toes.


He believes inability in disability and he claims that “his lack of limbs is something a benefit in the water by the time of because it helps him flotation more accurately in water. He also can use his foot as a “propeller” in swimming.”

He is 33 years old and still lives strong without limbs. And hence i am writing this blog on his life about Biography Of Nick Vujicic. The best part of Nick is he born without limbs but never use to beg on street for his disabilities. He stands himself and made himself able to earn money on his own. Nick is an American-Australian motivational speaker and writer with a total net worth of $500 thousand dollars. Isn’t this more motivational than any other?

Nick used to go into Public Speaking and to inspire others. Nick founded his non-profit organization which called as ‘Life Without Limbs’. The organization gave him a platform to share his testimony and campaign against social bullying. Since then, Nick has travelled over sixty countries in the world and inspired millions of people throughout the Globe.

So the point is what we can learn from the life of Nick Vujicic?

To stand fearless cause fear is the biggest disability.

Nick overcame this fear, stands strong and lives his life as a happy and free man. Despite being born without limbs, Nick always stood fearless with himself in each step that he has taken in his life.

He is also sticking to his goal 

Nick who not only born without any arms but also without any legs. Yet also, he is achieving his life goal of living a happy life and encouraging thousands of people all over the world to do the same which he is doing.

But there are not always good days in Nick’s life. He had face some bad days also. When he was at the age of thirteen Nick was hurt to his foot which he now uses to do typing, swimming and writing. This incident made a huge impact on him, and he became so grateful to his abilities and less concerned about disabilities. We can also say that “Turning Point” of his life.  There is no any great incident happened in Nick life but the mere incident has changed his life. A mere incident of hurting his foot made him question his wrong believes and build a positive attitude towards self.

Nick also use to gives credit of his inspiration to his janitor who motivated him to go and speak to people. Then he started to share his story with peoples. Soon the number got converted from dozen to 100. And now Nick has given nearly 2,000 talks across the globe.

Nick has been married since the year 2012 and he has a beautiful wife Kanae Miyahara who is constantly supporting him. They are also blessed with four children and a complete family. Who would even have thought that a man without limbs will lead a healthy life and make a perfect family? That happened because of his undying inner faith, his gratitude toward what he has and continuous thrive to grow every day.

This is the motivational and inspirational story about having thankfulness for what we already have in life is much-needed advice to every one of us who is finding excuses every time.

This was the inspirational and motivational Nick Vujicic Life Story Of A Legend With No Limbs (without Arm and leg) And in the blog I cover questions about How Nick Vujicic become swimmer and skydiver without hands and legs? Is this possible for you to live a life without hands and legs? In the Biography Of Nick Vujicic.

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