Its Nagesh Pabbewar the owner and founder of 1 Percent Quotes.

In this world, where all are in race/competition with one to another, all are not doing well some are having doubts and fear. Hence they are not trying and hence I am here to motivate those personalities. And I am glad that this is the motive of my running this business.

From this website, I am trying to provide you some kind of motivation from success stories of successful persons. Probably this gives you motivation but wait, motivation is not important for success you need discipline and hence I am also providing Personality development tricks and steps that I am damn sure that it absolutely helps you.

There are some Motivational Biographies on my website if you scroll down.
I also provide you with some motivational Quotes in my Instagram profile which must help you very well.

Thanks For Scrolling Till Here, I Hope You Like the Content Very Well. And I Wish In Future You’ll Like Much More So. Stay Tuned I Shall Bring New Posts, New Biographies And Life Learning To You.

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Nagesh Pabbewar

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